Wasn’t the baby boom from 1946 to 1964?

Yes, you have your dates right. The post-war boom in births began precisely nine months after the end of WWII and continued through 1964. But most people who study the generations find that the Baby Boom perspective is found in people who were born in the early 1940s. That group of people went to school with the Boomers, listened to the same music, and shared the same heroes. On surveys, the majority of them say they identify more with Baby Boomers than with the older generation. On the other end of the birth curve, we’ve found that people born in the early 1960’s, though officially considered Boomers, identify far more with Generation X. They weren’t old enough to be aware of JFK’s assassination and they didn’t feel a part of the sixties, a decade Boomers typically associate strongly with. That’s why we usually say the Baby Boom profile begins around birth year 1940 and runs through about 1960.