The backbone of all our sessions is our own
Values & Influence Assessment™

Target your messages to build your effectiveness and increase results.

90-minute Keynotes to 4-Hour Workshops: Always Customized

Participants walk out the door with strategies, tools, tips, techniques, do’s, don’ts, and best practices.

Generations & Values

Are you typical of your generation, or are your values different than most of those who grew up in the same era? Is there one values group that particularly challenges you? To be successful, we need to understand people’s values and become masterful at targeting our messages with those values in mind.

  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • Generations: How They’re Perceived in Your Organization
  • Birth Generations
  • Values Pyramid
  • The VIA™
  • Small Group Work in Values Groups
  • The Titanium Rule
  • Cross-Talk Exercise
  • Scenarios
  • Tools from The Art of Connecting

Generations & Values Train-the-Trainer

This is a thorough, hands-on two-day program that prepares trainers to facilitate Generations & Values.

  • 4-hour Generations & Values
  • Review of Key Principles
  • Walk-Through of Components
  • Foreseeing Objections & Overcoming Resistance
  • Preparing for FAQs
  • Practice Delivery
  • Videotaped Delivery
  • Feedback & Coaching
  • Ongoing Coaching & Support

Generational Leadership

As leaders, we’re called upon to engage people from different generations…with differing values…from other cultures…with different technological backgrounds. Our success depends on leading across differences. In order to be productive and effective—and to stay relevant in the workplace—today’s leaders must continuously evolve their style.

  • Leading a Changing Workforce
  • Primary & Secondary Dimensions of Diversity
  • Birth Generation & Values Group
  • Leadership Styles & Strategies
  • The VIA™
  • Small Group Work in Values Groups
  • The Titanium Rule
  • Cross-Talk Exercise
  • Leadership Scenarios
  • Leading a Diverse Team
  • Tools from The Art of Connecting

Minimizing Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias refers to blind spots we’re unaware of that impact our decisions—about people, ideas, events, and products. Those blind spots affect all our choices in subtle and sometimes disturbing ways. You can do your job better by uncovering your biases. In this session, you will assess the level of bias in your organization…uncover many of the factors biases are based on…learn which generational values group you’re a part of and which biases usually go along with it…and develop strategies for minimizing unconscious bias.

  • Indicators of Organizational Bias
  • What Biases Are Based On
  • Walk-Through of Components
  • Values & Bias
  • Values Groups
  • Filters & Biases by Values Group
  • What to About Bias
    • Organization
    • Colleagues
    • Self