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Today, four generations work side-by-side—and not always in the most efficient, effective, or positive way.
  • How do their perspectives differ?
  • What are their strengths and blind sides?
  • How can we build more effective work partnerships despite our differences?

Executive Briefings, Webinars, Speeches, Workshops & Products for Tapping the Potential of All the Generations

Generations Assessment

Our sessions are unique because they utilize the new Values & Influence Assessment™—which goes beyond birth year to help people identify their primary values group and their challenge generation. The VIA is a simple one-page test which can be taken online before the session or on paper during the session. By identifying our generational values, we can better understand how we relate and communicate with others—and how we can interact more effectively to achieve the results we want.

Click here to download the VIA brochure including information about certification.

Click here to watch Tammy Hughes introducing the VIA to an audience.

Generations At Work

NEW from American Management Association

Generations at Work, Second Edition

by Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, Bob Filipczak

This all new edition gives a sweeping overview of the generations and serves as a solutions-based managerial guide. It is packed with up-to-date information about the Millennials—who have come of age and taken their place in the work world where they will soon become the largest cohort. This new edition provides fodder for engaging generations speeches and is loaded with tips and case studies for use in generations workshops.

Click here to order.

Claire Raines

Claire Raines

Claire Raines is recognized as the leading expert on generations in the workplace. Over the past 25 years, she has produced books, videos, workshops, a game and an assessment on the generations at work.

"Your superb presentation inspired and educated our audience. It made a significant contribution to the success of our meeting and gave us many specifics to work on going forward."
--Rebecca E. Steel, Director of Organizational Development & Training, Stein Mart

Tammy Hughes

Interactive Sessions

Claire Raines and her associates work with organizations to customize speeches, workshops and webinars on a variety of topics.

  • Generations & Values
  • Generations at Work™
  • Engaging All the Generations
  • Serving 4 Generations of Customers
  • Selling to the Generations
  • Connecting Generations™
  • Connecting Generations™ Certify-the-Trainer

Shown here: Tammy Hughes, CEO and Senior Consultant

"Generations at Work was incredible and extremely interesting. This was the most valuable aspect of the Professional Training part of our orientation."
--Participant, The Boeing Company

"We chose to work with Claire Raines Associates primarily because of the many expert resources—book, game, job aid—they would put in our hands. Tammy Hughes was icing on the cake. She worked with me to generate specific program objectives for our healthcare environment, customize application exercises, and incorporate some of our behavioral traits into the workshop materials. Tammy has a positive, energetic presence and a delivery style that kept our managers fully engaged. On the first two program runs, the rating averaged 97%."
--Cynthia Sefton, Danbury Health Systems

E-Learning: Four New CrossKnowledge Sessions

In collaboration with Claire Raines and Tammy Hughes, CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading distance learning providers, has launched a new generational collection. The sessions are based on the format of a TV series. Highly interactive, immersive, and practical, the episodes feature recurrent characters in credible, realistic situations drawn from today's business world. The plot lines were written by professional screenwriters under the supervision of training specialists. The learner is immersed in videos, simulations, and thought-provoking activities. No longer just a viewer, the learner becomes the main actor in a TV series.

Click here to watch the trailer.

For more information about the series, click here.

Connecting Generations™: 1 Day Workshop

This interactive one-day workshop involves participants in a variety of activities that create more effective working relationships and improve business results by applying generational understanding to workplace challenges.

"I think this will have tremendous application in my business, helping us break down barriers and get to some very positive and powerful outcomes."
--Becky Copeland, TGI Friday's

Generations and Work Video Series

Not just another plug-and-play video, Generations and Work engages viewers in a fresh new way by involving them in 15 screening activities. Facilitator Joe Tabano interacts directly with viewers, prompting them to answer questions, join in conversations, and participate in learning activities where they apply what they have learned to their own work situations.

The Game: Connecting Generations™

In just one hour, the game delivers concentrated learning based on discussion that involves everyone with each roll of the dice.

"It's a great tool."
--Betty Washington, Workforce Diversity Manager, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

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