Generations and Work Video Series

Workplace and on-the-street interviews, vignettes, and expert commentaries address such topics as coaching, work processes,
technology, feedback, change, productivity, and sales.

Generations and Work

A 4-Part Interactive Learning Experience


Since the programs have their own on-screen facilitator, all you need to train hundreds of people is someone to convene the meeting and print the handouts. The Generations and Work Series is the culmination of 25 years of research by Claire Raines, co-author of Generations at Work and seven other books about the generations, supported by compelling real-world inquiry from award-winning producer Tarek Chacra.

Closed Captioned

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Package Includes

  • DVD with 4 video programs
  • CD-ROM with Leader’s Guide, 4 PowerPoint Presentations, 4 sets of Reproducible Handouts