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Tammy Hughes, CEO

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Tammy Hughes is a dynamic facilitator, presenter and business leader with over two decades experience in a broad spectrum of organizations and industries around the globe. She launched her career at Xerox Corporation in their Corporate Education and Training Division. She began as a salesperson at Claire Raines Associates in 1998 and served as company president from 2006 to 2012 when she became CEO.

Participants' response to Tammy as a session leader has been overwhelmingly positive. She is fascinated by and knowledgeable about generational and values differences—and her passion permeates her style. She paints the research with fun, real-life stories from the workplace and her life. By working with participants to identify strategies, skills, and tools they will use to create more effective work relationships, Tammy facilitates dramatically increased business results.

She studied communication arts at Cedarville College in Ohio and holds a BAAS degree from Midwestern State University in Texas. Tammy is the author of a White Paper, "Born in One Generation, Thinking Like Another" which includes a statistical analysis of the Values & Influence Assessment™. With Pat Heim, Tammy is the co-author of the third edition of Hardball for Women (Plume, 2015). Tammy lives in Seattle. She is married and has two teenaged sons.

Christy Macchione
Senior Consultant

Christy Macchione has worked for more than 25 years with Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations globally. She presided over key human resources functions for Sun Oil Company for thirteen years. As a consultant, she is known for her expertise in diversity and inclusion, leadership and team development, and working across cultures. She has provided training on generations since the early 1980’s. Clients appreciate her practical consulting approach that delivers real-time applications and sustainable results in direct support of business goals. Christie’s clients include Corning Incorporated, Northrop Grumman, General Electric, DHL, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, CIGNA, and the Market Street Trust Company.

Christy holds a B. A. in Organization Management from Eastern College. She has studied at George Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania. Volunteer work is important to Christy; she serves on several boards in her community. Christy is married and has two sons. She enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, and volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival.

Dennis Stratton
Senior Consultant

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Dennis Stratton is a dynamic facilitator, consultant, and executive coach with 28 years experience in management and consulting. Invite Dennis to a meeting and he will interrupt business as usual. He understands how to challenge ways of thinking, behaving, leading, and designing an organization for success. As President of Stratton Consulting Group, Dennis has built a unique perspective in defining and honing the core elements of change management technologies and their application in large systems change. He has developed highly impactful methodologies for individuals, teams, and organizations struggling with complexity yet searching for new ways to respond.

Claire Raines

Claire Raines pioneered the study and discussion of generations over thirty years ago. She believes that when people become more knowledgeable about values—their own and others'—they can fine-tune their messages so that relationships are strengthened and team performance improves. Her best selling books include Generations at Work, Twentysomething, Connecting Generations, Beyond Generation X, The Xers & The Boomers, The Art of Connecting, and Millennials@Work.

In the early 1990s, Claire developed a model for understanding the generations and their differences regarding such critical business issues as work ethic, communication, and leadership. Her model was influenced by the work of Dr. Clare Graves, specialist in the theory of personality and its application to industrial problems, and by marketing research from Yankelovich Partners. Claire’s model has been widely accepted and used in organizations throughout the world to create more effective business relationships and results. Her original model ascribed generation based solely on birth year, although Claire had long recognized that there are significant numbers of people born into one generation, but with values, beliefs, and attitudes consistent with those of another. In 2010, Claire began design of an assessment that was based on four distinct values sets and would go beyond birth years. The result was the Values & Influence Assessment™. Since its introduction, it has been used widely in team-building sessions.

Today Claire heads up the research arm of Claire Raines Associates. She lives in Tucson, Arizona and Salida, Colorado.

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